• DMG LuxaCrown Semi-Permanent C&B Material A2 50ml Cart

DMG LuxaCrown Semi-Permanent C&B Material A2 50ml Cart


LuxaCrown A2 50ml Cartridge
The chairside way
to long-lasting crowns

LuxaCrown is a self-curing composite developed for the fabrication of semi-permanent crowns and
bridges that are cemented with a permanent or temporary luting cement. It allows for the simple, quick
and economic fabrication of long-lasting crowns directly chairside. The highly esthetic composite shows
remarkable longevity of up to 5 years while delivering high-strength, quality and the reliability
you’ve come to expect from DMG.

The material’s shade system offers clinicians a wide range of options, high shade stability and natural fluorescence.
A choice of five shades are available: A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B1.

• Quick and easy technique
• Optimum mechanical properties
• Excellent fracture toughness and flexural strength
• Excellent polishability
• Simple processing
• Impressively semi-permanent up to 5 years
• Long-lasting with excellent results
• Time and cost savings
• Reliable durability

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